Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

When and how do we make final payment?

Final payment is 60 days prior to your check in. We can take payment over the phone by credit(Visa/MasterCard)/debit card 2.5% fees apply, Cheque, paypal, BACS, SWIFT (overseas customers) or FPI via internet banking.

Can we bring our dog?

Dogs are welcomed at no extra cost and at owners risk. Please contact us first to confirm due to the variation in breeds of dogs allowed.

Can we get to Skipton in 2 days?

Yes navigating to Skipton in 2 days is achievable but we advise you enjoy the journey and take your time. Customers in the summer have traveled to Leeds in 3 days but this can be strenuous depending on the crew.

Is there a circular route we can take?

Yes you can complete the Two Roses Ring (Pennine Ring/Circular) inside two weeks. This takes you through the heart of the Pennines into Yorkshire from Lancashire combining river and canal navigation. We provide a full itinerary for this journey and also offer 10% discount for the second weeks hire.
The long route via the Rochdale is 180miles 214locks 97hours.
The short route via Standedge Tunnel is 133miles 220locks 94.5hours

How do we check availability of a hire boat?

Use our new availability checker but if not sure please call us. Also check in is 2pm and check out is 10am.

Can we pick up some groceries shopping near to the Marina?

The beauty about our location is that after 60 minutes cruising on board the boat you will be able to stop on the canal and shop at Morrison’s heading east and Tesco’s going west. Step off the boat and walk straight into the store. When you return from you’re holiday you can even call into Barden Mill which has 50 different department stores under its roof co located with the Marina on Barden Lane.

Do you have a brochure?

We have a company DVD contact us and we will post one out to you on request.

Is coal and kindling available and included in the price?

At the marina there is a selection of smokeless fuel, kindling and firelighters. We dont include these in our prices as we find it a seasonal trend.

Is there drinking water on board?

The domestic water supply for the boats is from a domestic land supply and stored in your holding tank. It is filtered and drinkable but we advise that you boil the water or buy bottle previous to you casting off. This is purely to meet H&S criteria and avoide any personal health issues.

Can we hire a barge?

“Barge hire” is commonly used to refer to canal boat hire. To be correct ‘barges’ where used for carrying frieght, so we offer narrowboat hire and widebeam canal boat hire, but don’t mind if you want to call it barge hire!